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The Archives holds only the administrative records of the University itself. These date from 1214 to the present and include charters, statutes and title deeds; records of the Chancellor's Court; records of the University's legislative and executive bodies (Congregation, Convocation and Hebdomadal Council); financial and central administrative records; records of past members; records of University delegacies and committees; and departmental and faculty records. The majority of our present holdings date from the 19th and 20th centuries and are in paper format. We hold no audio or audiovisual material and very few photographs.


The majority of our records are catalogued. We are just beginning to make these catalogues available online. We are happy to answer enquiries about catalogued material, and to provide information from the catalogues on request. See the Guide to Catalogues for an overview of the records we hold and for those catalogues which are currently available online. Further catalogues will be added when they become available. The University's medieval records have all been published, chiefly by the Oxford Historical Society.

Related records

There are various types of records which are commonly thought to be held by us, but which are, in fact, held elsewhere. See the Guide to Related Records for details of these records and further information about where to find them.

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